Monday, 20 June 2011

Delhi - SRA

Good Afternoon,
Once again (seems to be a reoccurring theme!) sorry for taking so long to write. The Internet has been down here so we haven't been able to get online, and we've been pretty busy too!
In our last few days in Delhi we visited the Lotus Temple which was very beautiful: though the stone steps were so hot! The temple is open to people of all faiths to worship, which is pretty cool. In the afternoon we watched Hangover 2 which we'd been resisting because we thought it would be censored beyond recognition. The lure of aircon became too much to resist however, and we were pleasantly surprised by the sheer amount of rudeness that was allowed through the net. We planned to go present shopping the next day, as Delhi is meant to be good for shopping, at least according to Lonely Planet. Instead we spent the day mostly riding the metro system (which is very swish and nice) to the various shopping destinations suggested only to draw complete blanks and to grow more and more tired and frustrated. In the end all we had to show for our days work was a towel for Billy (he lost his, goodness knows how), some shampoo and a few packets of toffees for the kids.
We took the overnight train and woke up at 5.30 for our stop which was meant to be at 5.50. Considering we'd been on the train for over 7 hours for a journey that takes 4hrs normally we expected to be on time. However, true to form we rolled in 2 hours late... 7.50 am.. We took a TukTuk to Sri Ram Ashram and spent the day meeting and greeting the 50+ kids that live here. Billy enjoyed a game of cricket and a spot of hockey (the national game of India, we were surprised to hear ours was Cricket) while I bonded with the little girls who were thrilled to have someone tall enough to pick mangoes (usually well before being ripe) for them. As its the summer holidays at the moment everyone has been in 'Summer Camp' which involves singing, dancing, acting and crafts (which involves liberal spreading of glitter on every surface - we are constantly shimmering.) On the 23rd there's going to be a show and all of the kids have been split into groups led by a few older kids. Each group has to put on a play and perform at least one dance piece and the rehearsals are great fun to watch. Billy has been known to attempt a spot of Bollywood dancing, though I'm still struggling to be able to 'screw the light bulb' with both hands at the same time.. think i may be beyond hope.
We'll try to update more frequently now the Internet is back up and running. Once again we think our memory card has a virus (Internet cafes don't seem to know about the existence of antivirus software here..) but we've bought another so we'll upload some soon.
Off to watch some dancing!
See you soon,
Lots of love,
Rosie and Billy

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