Friday, 24 June 2011

Sri Ram Ashram...=)

Afternoon All,
We've been at the Ashram for quite a while now and have settled in to the schedule here, which i thought I'd write about today.
The kids wake up around 5.45 for chores etc before hockey or yoga practice. The older boys do crossfit at 6.15 ish - which is an American fitness program involving lots of weights (Billy is hopeless). Then the younger kids go to breakfast at around 7.30 - a rather messy affair if the amount of rice scattered on the floor is anything to go by. I'm usually awake enough to eat breakfast with the hockey players at around 8.30. Billy has been awake for ages but comes to eat then too. Summer camp starts at 9.30, before which we're usually on swing pushing/ unripe mango picking /cow visiting duty. Billy and I run an activity each: I seem to always be left trying to encourage boys to concentrate on various craft activities, while Billy gets to play games or decorate windows or something equally absorbing. After each group has had 30minutes on each activity we begin the task of tidying up the large amount of paper that is ,without fail, shredded into every corner of the room. Thankfully we usually get help with this bit :) After lunch its siesta time, officially, though there's usually a game being played or dancing to get involved with somewhere. At about 4 we regroup for an activity of some kind: today we're taking a shopping trip into town (to give the kids a chance to get something they've chosen themselves rather than been allocated), one day they filled up the pool and swam and usually they get to play with some of the new toys Hema brought from America. In the evenings, after they perform their Arti (sp?) worship, we have a packed schedule of ceremonies, events and performances. Wednesday was movie and popcorn night, yesterday we had the talent contest and tonight is a graduation party. It's all done American summer camp style, and the kids love it!
Afraid we cant upload pictures here - they get charged for upload/downloads so we're not allowed. Never mind, we'll get some up when we get to Delhi so you're all up to date.
See you soon!
Lots of love,
Rosie and Billy

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