Monday, 14 February 2011

Dolphin Bonanza

Title by Billy Brown. Text by Rosie Tasker.

Good Evening =)

We thought we'd update tonight as we have thousands of pictures from today and need someone to share them with! We spent the morning on a large yellow jet boat whizzing around the islands in search of dolphins. We found quite a lot, but we couldn't swim with them as they had babies which was sad (though the babies were very cute!) We saw some penguins too =) Billy took advantage of taking a swim without the dolphins, however, and enjoyed a special jet engine whirlpool.. very funny to watch! We stopped for lunch on a lovely island and took advantage of FREE (supposedly!) kayaking. Managed not to fall out both with each other and the kayak, which was a pleasant surprise. Billy used the BBQ lunch as an excuse to catch up on all of the meat eating he's been missing out on and ate more than the double rations he could claim. In the afternoon we boarded the yacht and after a quick diving demonstration from Billy attempted to sail back, with limited success. The moment I took the helm a gust came, just my luck! Although we weren't allowed to go hunting for dolphins some came and found us, which was great. We arrived back at the hostel around 6pm after a quick wander around Russell (Billy took the opportunity to have yet another swim, with shags this time.(the bird, he'd like to add)) and a fish and chip supper.

Attached is some of the hundreds of photos we took!

Lots of love,

Billy and Rosie


  1. wow... i´m just so jealous :)
    xx dominique

  2. :D

    I'm jealous too!
    Make sure you keep taking lots of photos :)

    Meg xxx

  3. aka anonymous is jealous. it looks awesome, whats a jet whirlpool? but fish and chips for dinner? arent there any native foods to try?like roast kiwi with kiwi, made by kiwis in a kiwi campa van? xxx

  4. Do you mean Billy got through a whole day without loosing his phone?


  5. Billy you're reet lucky. I worked in the BoI for 4 months on the Fullers/great sights boats taking photos of the dolphins & acting as a crew member on their boats. Urupukapuka is a beautiful island. Did you go right out to cape bret & the infamous hole in the rock?

    Dom Lewis

  6. Your so lucky cant believe that you got to sail with dolphins!! Hope your having a great time


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