Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Evening All =)

Sorry for not updating in a while - as you may have guessed from the previous picture - we've been pretty busy with the white spirit for the past 48 hours.
Prior to that we had a great weekend with the Perkinsons and lots of other new friends. On Saturday Billy played cricket (they lost, but he says he wasn't so bad (he caught someone out and it was an amazing catch he says)) and then met the rest of us at a friends pool where we had a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon. In the evening I went to a girly night at Megan's house - chick flicks, popcorn and pyjamas galore. Billy and Phil enjoyed a 'far superior' film back home which involved lots of explosions and fighting as far as I could tell.
On Sunday we went to Church in Mangawhai which was really interesting - very different from CofE and lots of fun. Afterwards we had a yummy lunch with Megan at the deli where everyone congregates after church. In the afternoon we went to a friend's pool again and had another hot spa (everyone seems to have them here!)
Monday we were getting on well with the painting and had done a first coat of white on two sides. We'd just started painting the bargeboard red when the aforementioned disaster occurred! Since then we've mostly been sanding, scrubbing, sleeping, eating and spa-ing (its fixed!) (in that order)
Lots of love from two ever-so-slightly-paint-splotched backpackers.
Rosie and Billy


  1. hey,I think ive watched that one...
    how does church work there?

  2. Delighted to hear you are having a lovely time!
    Ma & Pa Brown can now access your blog Billy, but they thought you had their email address to keep them updated??
    They would love for that to happen, however if you don't have their address, email me on jr.rands@hotmail.co.uk and I'll send it to you??
    Keep enjoying yourselves doing amazing things!
    And perhaps I will become the first geriatric to do what you doing, with the help of Pete!
    Take care,
    Lots of Love,
    Auntie Jacqui xx

  3. Having our very own beer fest in gressonay. Yes, we are being serious. Billy we have missed you skiing! I have attempted all off piste and moguls in your honour. Great to read the latest antics xxxx Han, dad, jess


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