Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Evening All =)

We've been having a great time - now in Mangawhai. Forgot to add on the last post that i'd lost my glasses on the dolphin tour, from now on lifes gonna be a whole lot more blurry!

We're staying with our first HelpX hosts (volunteer in exchange for food and a bed) - the lovely Perkinsons- and our task this week is to paint their house (!!!) Before I left Dad said he'd pay me not to paint his house, but fingers crossed we wont be so bad. Today we washed and sprayed to kill the moss, and tommorow we get started with sanding down. In the afternoon we went to Mangawhai Head beach which was gorgeous and Billy went for a swim. We walked back up the hill for ice creams and chocolate. I had a chocolate fish (which is apparantly a nz legend according to the guide) and something that looked like a twister but dissapointingly didnt have the yummy middle bit - but it was still good! This evening we went to a bible discussion group which was good, and then had a go in the spa pool (hot tub in english!) Billy managed to leave his clothes outside whilst we were in the spa, attracting a cockroach into his pants. The dance he did when he put them back on was priceless but unfortunately the smell lingers.

See you soon,

Lots of love,

Rosie and Billy


I thought that I would attempt to write something of interest despite my poor english skills, and rosie has promised not to change it this time! What Rosie hasn't told you is the about the fantastic view from our helpx's house, (she can be forgiven though seeing as she can't actually see it). Out of one window, (if it wasn't for the electricity line), it looks like a scene from Avatar, and out the front it looks like a scene from Lord of the Rings! Its amazing, tomorrow I plan to work while listening to a bit of Howard Shore.

Thats all folks,

lots of love

Billy and Rosie


Got some nice photos but they refuse to upload - will try again later. Night!

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