Thursday, 10 March 2011

Photos and Rotorua - Napier

The only time Billy went off the green. One of mine went into a pond.

The Amazing McDonalds plane - the future of air travel

Huka Falls

Billy with the only kiwi we were allowed to take photos of!

Maori meeting house in Rotorua

Church in Rotorua
Pukheko (Billy claims this is the correct spelling)

View at the top of the lookout near Thames

Hot Water Beach

New Chums Beach

Our Wonderful Car!

The caravan we ended up in!

Our first camping meal - I promise he won't starve!

We left Rotorua on Wednesday following a warmer night in the thermally heated campsite - though Billy assures me it was just placebo effect. We went back to see the Kiwi's at Rainbow Springs on Tuesday night which was very cool - the kiwi were less than a meter away from us with no glass/cage in between. We made it to Taupo without too many navigation related arguments and found a wonderful free campsite - though the toilets were definitely a no-go area. We ended up in McDonalds as they had a plane parked outside where you could eat which Billy found very exciting indeed. We visited a natural hot spring and took in the AC baths which were also rather nice. In the afternoon we met up with Henry, Oli and Justin and handed over the rather large atlas I've been carrying round for them for the past month. I still don't know why they need a road atlas of Europe!! Billy then enjoyed his second burger of the day (with peanut butter!) at their must see location of Taupo - 'Burgerfuel'. We went back to their hostel for beers, chocolate and a rather jumpy copy of 'The Twin Towers' before returning to the campsite.
In the morning Billy enjoyed the rope swing into the river beside the campsite - the water was thermally heated which was a pleasant surprise. After a McDonalds breakfast (I was forced!) we met up with Henry et al. and had a wander around town. We left for Napier in the afternoon, enjoying a scenic drive and some wonderful road works. We managed to find Francies house without a proper map or instructions which was a small miracle, and enjoyed a rather more comfy night than we're used to. This morning we've been exploring Napier and Billy enjoyed his first ever round of crazy golf (which he took far too seriously and beat me by a considerable margin!).

Hope everything's good at home,
Lots of love,
Rosie and Billy


  1. Have you got any photos of Henry Justin and Ol?

  2. In the library with mrs lewins (WHO WANTS A POST CARD)lucky sod. last night of production tonight. btw your jeans are really comfy!!

  3. hello rosie and billy, my house needs a bit of decorating when you get back, seems to be a bit risky employing you but at least your charges are within my budget! My first attempt at blogging with a bit of help from Sam! Hope you are enjoying yourselves, from Neville

  4. indeed the placebo effect does have an affect in this sort of circumstance. Theres the story of the guy who worked with trains and one night got locked in the fridge carriage. They found him in the morning with a note explaining what had happened. He had, doctors agreed, died of hypothermia (or "frozen to death"). However, the twist is the fridge carriage wasnt switched on, and it wasnt even cold inside - it was room temperature! He'd thought himself to death! So beware, and think youselves alive.


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