Saturday, 19 March 2011

Picton- Blenhem- Kaikoura- Nelson- Abel Tasman!

Hello bloggers,
The last few days have been rather eventful. We stayed at a free campsite which was supposedly near Picton but turned out miles away from anywhere on our first night in the South Island. The composting toilets were fun, as was the constant rain! I (Billy) went for a dip in the morning to wake up, but as usual Rosie found it too cold.
We spent the next day getting bored in Blenheim as the two tiny dents in the car door were being fixed and toured the op shops (Kiwi for charity shops). Once it was fixed we went to a much nicer campsite that was a youth hostel as well. I managed to seriously burn my sausages in the kitchen and smoke out the whole building (it was lucky that the fire alarms didn't go off). We met some nice English people and played an intense game of Balderdash and Cranium, somehow I managed too lose at everything.
The next day we travelled down to Kaikoura to go on a seal walk but managed to find a colony right next to the highway. This required an emergency stop, but was well worth it as we could get really close and they had lots of cute pups. We decided that the famous whale watching trips were a bit beyond our budget, but had a really nice walk along the peninsula walkway around the clifftops and past seal, red billed gull and tern colonies.
That night we stayed in another free campsite which was beautiful with a wonderful walk along the beach. However, at 3 o'clock the next morning a group of possibly drunk (St Patricks Day!) males turned up and erected 3 tents in the loudest manner possible, we were not amused! To make matters worse they were up again at 6.30 and roared off with their guns on quad bikes!
We took the scenic route back up to Nelson, where we stayed with a friend of Jo's (Rosies aunt), which was lovely, especially due to the lack of obnoxious hunters. We ended up playing with their daughter for a couple of hours and trying out their rope swing. This morning we wandered around the town and went to the market where we were tempted by the delicious food. After an equally nice lunch back at the house we set off for Abel Tasman. Tomorrow we're hiring a kayak and are staying at Old Mcdonalds farm tonight (I am not looking forward to the song being stuck in my head all night!).
Hope England win the 6 nations!
Lots of love,
Billy and Rosie


  1. Patrick and Allie20 March 2011 at 08:14

    Hey Billy and Rosie.

    We're the 'nice English people' who whooped you at board games :-) Great blog, we've just enjoyed skimming through it. We headed to the West Coast and have driven down to Wanaka, on our way to Queenstown. So far...we've not been challenged to any new board games that's now our challenge!

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your travels.

    Patrick and Allie

  2. dragonslayer159 (aka AJH)30 March 2011 at 12:05

    "it was lucky that the fire alarms didn't go off" you could have burned to death! You should have played them at Bridge or Risk, you might have done better. Might. eieio. should have signed it dragonslayer159.


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