Tuesday, 12 April 2011

More Singapore!

Evening All =) Tomorrow we leave Singapore to head up to Bangkok for the Songkran festival which is apparently a spectacularly mad affair involving everyone in the vicinity getting drenched. It should be fun! Our flight leaves at 6am, however, which means leaving the lovely Green Kiwi at 4am... not so much fun! We've enjoyed exploring lots of Singapore over the past few days. On Saturday we ended up racing on the hostel owners 46ft yacht (our reward for our hard work in the community garden!) which was very nice indeed, despite the several tropical thunderstorms and the fact despite several reminders Billy managed to forget his change of clothes! We had drinks in the plush Changi sailing club (why doesn't ours have a swimming pool?!!) and then headed back for a slightly less plush, but nonetheless tasty, pancake supper at the local food court. That morning we also took in the 'only village left in Singapore' on Pulau Ubin where we hired a tandem bike. The lady who hired it to us was reluctant to let us leave after seeing how much we swerved around on our practice run, but by the time we returned we were relatively proficient! On Sunday we decided to visit Changi prison museum to learn a bit about the history of Singapore. The Museum was really interesting though unfortunately they closed up for the day before we'd finished looking as we'd been dawdling so much! On Monday we visited Singapore Science Centre, which was slightly young for us.. but we still had a lot of fun! Billy took part in a Tesla coil experiment holding up a fluorescent tube which glowed once the coil was turned on, though thankfully he wasn't selected to sit inside a cage and be blasted with electricity (he probably would have absent mindedly touched the edge or something). Today we went to buy books as we've got through a lot of ours. Billy was thrilled to discover a copy of TLOTR which he's been looking for all trip for only a quid. He's been glued to it since we got back from the hostel, though perhaps we'll make it out for tea at some point.. Sorry for the lack of photos, it doesnt seem to like uploading them here. We'll try to upload a bumper batch when we get to Bangkok. Hope everything's good at home, Rosie and Billy xxx PS. Please leave us a comment!


  1. Did you know your great uncle John (father of Henry and Rosie Webb)Was in Changi?
    Were off to Cyprus on sat have villa with sea view,jaccuzi,four bedrooms,pool,and nearby fountain of love.According to guide book fills you with "youthful and Amorous feelings"best keep Dad away.Mumxxxx

  2. I laughed out loud at the idea of Billy touching the side of the cage... It would be so typically Billy =P

    It sounds like you're having fun, make sure you take lots of photos of Songkran! I want to see! =D

  3. Diana'sfathre Goerge was also a prisoner inChangi. We loved Singapore anit seems that you are having a good time.

    Norman & Diana

  4. we should combine the electric cage with Songkran. booom.


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