Friday, 15 April 2011

Water, Water Everywhere But Not A Drop To Drink.. (Honest!)

We've been in Bangkok for a couple of days now and are staying at a very lovely hotel where Billy can enjoy a full english breakfast for under 2 pounds (though I am limiting him to only one per day!) We arrived rather too early on Wednesday morning, settled in and then decided to go and see the Songkran celebrations in Si Lom. We returned to the hostel drenched and covered in white powdery stuff after about an hour.. we'd only taken enough money to buy a rather small water pistol and everyone seemed to pick on us! We took the MRT to Chatachuka (sp?!) Park where we hoped we'd be able to visit the butterfly house. Unfortunately due to navigational difficulties it had already closed by the time we arrived, but we enjoyed a wander around anyway! Yesterday we decided to visit the Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Taking the bus there was an experience in itself, costing the equivalent of 14p each for about 45 minutes of dodging the frequent buckets of water which were thrown through the windows. The Temple complex and palace were suitably grand and glittery : we tried to estimate how many mirrored tiles had been used in total, it must have been billions! We explored the surrounding market and then headed back to the hostel after eventually figuring out which bus route went the right way. We ate yummy thai food from a stall near our hostel and then headed to Khao San Road which had been closed off to allow thousands of revellers equipped with water guns and the funny white paste stuff (we still havent figured out exactly what it is!) to run wild. As foreigners we got plenty of dousing and returned to the hostel exhausted, drenched and suprisingly chilly! Tonight we're planning to tackle Khao San road again, though now I am equipped with my own very impressive 'Ben 10' gun so should be able to protect myself! Today we went to Pratunam market which was really interesting. I managed to drag Billy away from the wonderful fake Raybans, though unfortunately he was unable to drag me away from the copied 'Kat Cidson' bags.. though mine is quite a good one! Hope everything is good at home, Sorry the photos are still being useless, we'll keep trying! Lots of love, Billy and Rosie xxxx


  1. That has taken me back years - think Bill and I were in Bangkok back in 1989!!!!! I am liking the thought of you and a BEN 10 gun - go get em girl!!! All good hear - glad that all worked out with the Bowrings - I was just thinking today why did none of us give you Crosby's address? So good to see that you had it and were able to enjoy some luxury!!! We have just got back from our first ever canal boat holiday - good crack - although not sure that Dan and Maddie think it was a good swap for a skiing holiday!!! Hey Ho - just booking up the flotilla for turkey in the summer - have you still got Nicky address for Mumbai? Love to Billy and keep up the blogging Bonky oh and the rest xxxxx

  2. Just got back from the Stag so this might not make any sense at all!! Great to see you are having such fun. When we went there on our honeymoon we were far too sensible. I think we might enjoy the festival much more now. As both of you were born in the IT age I expect you to be able to upload photo's. Big black mark and very bad for your cv. Don't ask me for a reference on your present performance. Don't forget "a picture says a 1000 words" so also good for time in motion study. Much less typing needed. keep enjoying yourselves and catch up when we return from our search for sun
    Missing you lots love M & D
    p.s Thanks for lovely socks.

  3. Billy
    You are a man after my own heart. At college we used to go to the pub at lunchtime for a BIG breakfast fry up, and I usually had TWO!!. Go for it boy, don't let her put you off!! In the photo's we have from Franci you seem to be wasting away. You MUST keep your strength up!!

  4. Hi Rosie and Billy
    I have just caught up with your last month of travel - I was away in Bhutan birdwatching for most of that time. I'm glad Cros and Dale were about and I'll have to tease them about the size of their spare bed - I have not been to their current flat (with a view). I'm also pleased to see that you have been birdwatching too - kiwis, albatrosses and penguins..! Anne worked in Thailand for two years and I think managed to avoid the soakings at the festivals. She used also to love the street food including some of the slightly of beam items (grasshoppers etc). Keep enjoying
    Love Mark & Anne


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