Monday, 25 April 2011

Quadbiking-Doughnutting-more frisbee-Diving

Hey everyone, Billy here:

Had a good time since the last post...
After we got back from the floating market we hired quad bikes for half an hour, went round the 3 tracks with Jack being by far the fastest (don't know how... I had the accelerator down all the way), the jumps were fun but Rosie managed to get a burn on her leg by going round a corner too fast, it didn't look too bad but she went in to the pool afterwards as a result.

On Wednesday, we got up late and went down to the beach, where me and jack spied a big, yellow, rubber doughnut (looked more like a sofa), after some masterful bargaining by jack (it mostly seemed to involve silence but somehow that worked) we got on for 3/4 of the price. We were being pulled by a jet ski and there are no words to describe the experience, the closest that I can think of is terrifyingly fun. Afterwards me and jack enjoyed a well earned massage, while Rosie got a manicure and pedicure (I thought they were very brave to attempt this for only 4 pounds). We were joined by some members of jacks family and went out to the night market to pick up a takeaway, which was filled with some weird and wonderful things... the most interesting item was fried grass hoppers which were surprisingly tasty, although I refused a second one!
On Thursday we went to book our evening transport to Koh Tao, and then walked along the beach to an extremely nice bar, which was sooooo good after the boiling hot day. That evening we caught the bus to the ferry where I managed to catch a few hours sleep (Rosie didn't). On the ferry we were approached by a couple of people advertising dive companies (there's so many on koh tao), and decided to go with Big Blue, which has been very good for diving though the accommodation has been very iffy (after the first night we moved rooms).
We signed up for the open water course, but as Rosie has already done half she just had to do the last bit.
Saturday involved changing from the room with dirty walls, towels, sheets and toilet to one where you have to pay (the other one was free with our course) and has air con, which has been much better. In the afternoon I went off with my group, and Rosie was on her own with an instructor, we went in the boat too Mango Bay, where I just practiced some skills and Rosie managed to go for a fun dive. The next day (EASTER - although we didn't get any chocolate eggs) Rosie finished off her course in the morning, by going on 2 fun dives, where they saw loads of cool fish, but she got 6 questions wrong in the exam later and had to buy her instructor a beer(I got 2 wrong)!!! That afternoon I went on my two first fun dives where we managed to see a hawks bill turtle, which we gloated about on the boat and for the rest of the day.
This morning I went on my last two dives which were really cool, at one stage though I lost my regulator (breathing device) whilst fighting matrix style and in a panic went to my instructors second who says I have to buy her a beer for forgetting I had a second too.
That's where I am off to now...
So Ciao for Now!!

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  1. dont get the bends! if a-level physics taught me one thing....
    that sounds really cool, but would the quadbikes work under the sea? under-the-sea, under-the-sea! down where its wetter thats where its better take it from me.


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