Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sydney to Singapore!

Hello! We've had a great few days. The blue mountains were really spectacular : Billy and Nick got a tour by a slightly dubious Polish man who turned out to be really nice and we enjoyed a gigantic picnic (we barely ate half!). By the time we'd finished eating the picnic we'd missed the sunset which was a shame, but we still took a walk around the headlands which was very pretty. In the morning we said a sad goodbye to the Bowerings and headed across to Manly to meet up with Crosby and Dale for what had been billed as a 'few days of luxury'. We weren't dissapointed as our bed turned out to be wider than me stretched out, and we enjoyed our own bathroom, balcony and amazing view! Dale took us on a little tour around Manly and we bought Billy his very own Manly t-shirt (it had to be done!). We went for a really nice meal on the beachfront in the evening, though thankfully we didnt have to dress up as we realised neither of us owned a pair of smart trousers! In the morning we set off for a fun-packed day taking in the aquarium, wildlife world and sky tower. The dugongs (like weird seals!) were very cute and Billy got very excited over the duck-billed platypuses. At the wildlife world we got a proper taste for Australian animals seeing kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, red back spiders and lots of lovely snakes. The sky tower was pretty spectacular, sadly the weather failed on us and we didn't get to see the sunset but the views were still amazing, and we got to spy on everyone in their offices. Wednesday we spent wandering in Manly before Dale kindly took us to the airport for our flight to Singapore. We'd discovered the flight was 7 hours - a lot longer than we'd expected - so we got plenty of film time in before we eventually landed in Singapore. We caught the airport shuttle without a hitch and were transported back to our very plush home for the next few nights (thanks Lucy and Jerry!) The next morning we set off into the heat to head for Little India where we took in the sights and delicious smells before a yummy curry lunch. We went to look at some amazing temples and then headed back to the hotel for a swim. In the evening we went to the cinema and saw 'Hall Pass', which was surprisingly humorous. Yesterday we discovered on our way to buy breakfast that our debit card was missing from Billy's wallet. After much desperate worry and rushing around I found the card in Billy's dirty shorts pocket. He has promised to be much more careful! We checked out of the hotel and headed over to 'Green Kiwi hostel' where we're staying now. We decided to visit a museum but got lost on the way so ended up in Chinatown which was very interesting indeed. In the evening we ended up helping out planting the community garden which was very hard work but rewarding! We went out to a food court for tea and then collapsed into our beds! Hope everything is good at home, Lots of love, Rosie and Billy xxx

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  1. i nearly did the same thing today. thought id lost my catering card, but it was in my pocket. nothing is scarier than the prospect of no breakfast...except perhaps that uve been tasting koalas, snakes and red-back spiders.


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