Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Photos! (fingers crossed..)

Us with the Thai dancers

The floating market

The crowds for Songkran in Silom street

Khao San's songkran banner

The guards at the Royal Palace.

After our first experience of Songkran

Sailing at Changi Yacht Club

Planting the community garden

The terrible tandem

Billy with his tiddly gun.

Billy and Nufail (sp?!) at our hostel

Singapore - Little India

Koala! (slightly out of place.. hope you can work out the order yourselves!)


Our bed at Cros and Dales

Billy and Nick on the edge of the world!

Billy looking Manly.

Sydney sights

The 3 Sisters

Me at the Opera House

Evening All,

Fingers crossed we'll be able to upload some photos to let you all know we're 'alive and kicking' (and not too sun burnt)

We spent the weekend in Bangkok and have since headed south to Cha-Am where we're staying with Jack and his family in their lovely apartment. Billy and Jack have enjoyed endless games of frisbee but this morning we escaped for a while and went to the floating market which was very cool indeed. We watched a display of Thai dancing which was fun until we realised we'd become tasty meals for a large number of biting insects. However we've discovered a special Thai miracle jelly which although ponging slightly is very effective on the bites

our last few days in Bangkok we explored the giant Chatachak market which
had over 8000 stalls : Billy was thoroughly shopped out by the end of the Saturday! Despite protests we returned for round 2 on Sunday and managed to come across the puppy section - though you'll be pleased to know Billy held firm on that one. Next I think we're heading to an island somewhere further south (but we're open to suggestions!)

Hope things are good at home,

Lots of love,

Billy and Rosie


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