Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ko Tao - Nakhorn Si Thammarat - Ko Phi Phi

Wonderful sign =)

The hammock at the viewpoint

The view from the viewpoint - Phi Phi tourist village

The Temple - Nakhorn

Our 8 quid bed =)

Fire twirlers at Big Blue bar - Ko Tao

Hello =)

We're now staying in Phi Phi in a wonderful hut/shack (depending on whether you're already staying there or whether its being advertised to you) right on the beach. We decided to escape from the main 'tourist village' as soon as we'd arrived so the huts further north, in a small bay called Rantee. The plan at present is to do as little as possible for the next four days, though we may venture out for a spot of snorkeling later: judging by the number of tour boats there this morning its quite good just off our beach!

We left Ko Tao the day after Billy finished his course and travelled to Nakhorn where we checked in to a lovely 8 quid hotel and had a wander about. It made a nice change for people to shout 'Hello' across the street at us because we were a novelty rather than because they wanted us to take their taxi.

The next day we went to look at the holiest temple in Southern Thailand which was very pretty, and saw the thousands of objects that had been left there by worshippers which are now in a museum. We tried to go to the national museum but were too late which was a shame. I also dragged Billy to get a haircut which was a very amusing experience. The boy in the queue ahead of us had a large head of hair completely shaved off which worried Billy immensely, but thankfully his hair escaped a similar fate.

We took the bus to Phuket armed with yet more of our favourite Thai dish so far - Sticky rice and mango! We stayed in a nice hotel in the old town which wasn't as touristy. We ventured out to Karon beach the next day where we hired loungers and spent the majority of the day reading our books and jumping waves. In the evening we ended up in a backpacker bar where Billy (unsurprisingly) beat me at pool before heading to an Internet cafe to 'aww' at Wills & Kates wedding.. very cute indeed.

Yesterday we took the very tardy ferry to Ko Phi Phi, where we are now =) We also stocked up on books from the hugest 2nd hand book store we found in Phuket so we have plenty of reading material for the next few days : I think he was surprised by how many books we had space for!

Hope everything is good at home,

Lots of love

Rosie and Billy



  1. Billy, You are supposed to sleep with you head on the pillow!! Keep having fun.

  2. Sticky rice and mango - one of Anne's favourites when she lived there too!

  3. 8 quid, thats pretty cheap. why dont i get a bed that big? those spike-on-ball buildings look unreal, like a computer game. i find it slightly unbeleivable that someone could correctly spell view point, but spell minute walking totally wrong. unless miltine working is an expression over there? billy should have grown long hair and a beard and come back a wild traveller. that would have been cool.

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