Friday, 6 May 2011

Koh Phi Phi - Krabi - Railay

Hello =)
The rest of our time on Koh Phi Phi was spent mostly lazing, and snorkeling... we keep kidding ourselves that we've managed to attain a slight tan but the truth of this statement is dubious. On one of the evenings Billy, a friendly though slightly dodgy Israeli and the resort staff took on a family of sea gypsies in a game of beach football. Billy is unsure as to the score or even whether they won or lost, but he had fun anyway! The mosquitoes on Phi Phi seemed to find us particularly appetising - at the last count Billy had 64 bites and I had 58 (obviously not that tasty). They were building a new restaurant on our beach which was interesting to watch, and we even got to have a go ourselves- though thankfully Billy was not invited onto the roof.

We got the ferry back to Krabi after 4 nights in Phi Phi. We checked into a hotel which was half the price and at least twice as nice (and no mosquitoes!). We ended up going on a second hand book hunt, taking in most of the town on our quest to find Lord of the Rings 3 (or whatever its called!) but returning unsuccessful. In the evening we ate at a night market by the river - Billy enjoying 4 pancakes as well as his main course -no idea where he fits it all in!

On Thursday we took a longtail over to Railay, after breakfast in the Krabi morning market (an experience in itself!), which is on the mainland but cut off by cliffs. It's a climbers haven, though thankfully since billy scraped his knee during the aforementioned hotly contested football match we have been forced to remain on solid ground. Instead today we took a cooking course. We learnt to make Seafood Salad, (The Classic!) Pad Thai, Tom Kha Kai (Thai chicken soup!) , Massaman Curry and Bananas in coconut milk with our lovely teacher, Om. Despite earlier worries about knife wielding I think we managed to disguise the fact our usual menu consists of pasta, pasta and more pasta rather successfully and hopefully we now have a few more dishes to add to our repertoire! This afternoon (after a very necessary siesta) we scrambled up to a viewpoint above the island for some amazing views, and went exploring in the caves on Phranang (sp?!) beach. There's lots of really cute monkeys here, and yesterday we saw a Monitor lizard, though we were unable to spot any Oriental Pied Hornbills despite Billy dragging me from my bed at 7am this morning to go look.
Anyway, I think that's about it =)
Tommorow we're going back to the mainland and on to Ko Jum which is meant to be beautifully jungly and hopefully less developed. We've also booked ourselves into a bamboo hut in a posh resort there (half price as it became off season on the 1st May!) which we're very excited about.
See you soon,
Sorry about the lack of photos - its being silly.
Look forward to a Thai food feast on our return!
Rosie and Billy

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  1. sounds fun, especially the food!im sure you have attained some level of tanage, but if your surrounded by natives you wont be able to tell. what are you going to do for Bills birthday? Billy: i give u permission to have as many breakfasts as you can on that day. and my authority overides Rosies (sorry Rosie)!

    p.s. whats Om's second name? please say its Nom Nom.


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