Monday, 9 May 2011

Rosies Bus Poem

Will update later with something more meaningful.
This is the poem i wrote on the bus:

Sat on a ledge at the back of the bus,
From Krabi to Hat Yai, the road is quite rough,
The way twists and turns and the bumps there are many,
Perhaps thats why everyone's needing a penny,
Next to the toilet on the ledge we do perch,
While the bus all around us does squeek and does lurch,
The girl just in front is turning quite green,
And her lunch then her breakfast reappear on the scene,
We come to a standstill, we pray its our stop,
But its only a break so the ladies can shop,
We go for a wander then come back and wait,
3 have gone missing, succesfull escape?!
The 3 are recaptured and we're back underway,
Stuck on this bus for the rest of the day,
We'll pull into Hat Yai as the sun starts to wane,
And hobble and yawn and say 'that was a pain',
The seats are uncomfy, the place stinks of pee,
Next time we'll definately go VIP!

Rosie and Billy


  1. Last night we played cricket
    A West Acre test
    You guessed Im no natural
    But I did my best
    The boys they were more serious
    but to give them their due
    They bowled me some slow ones
    and I hit a few
    A little dejected
    I was sent out to field
    The sofa did beckon
    But I did not yield
    Guy bowled,Sam swung
    Hit it hard in the air
    and I caught the bugger
    How they did stare


  2. Hehe! These should be published! ;;
    Meg xxx

  3. Being a student is sometimes a bore,
    Doing nothing or trying to solve some equations.
    Played footy last Thursday but failed to score...
    On Saturday saw two gi-normous dalmations!
    (Out on the streets in the middle of town)
    I and some church folk were praying for healing.
    Was good, but now I can do nought but frown,
    Because I have the most horrible feeling,
    That as I listen to Mumford & Sons,
    My workload is building to literally tonnes!

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