Saturday, 21 May 2011

Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok!

Our feet when we returned this afternoon. Lovely and muddy =)
Helpful sign found in ladies at the cinema (but not in gents, which is surprising)
Tuk-Tuk ride.
Typical town planning in practice - KL
Billy sporting our lovely pink backpack
Outside the national mosque - KL
'The sign was glowing' - Though they're actually quite a bargain over here! KL
Up the Petronas Towers
Evening All =)
We've finally worked out why the blog keeps getting infected with silly links - fingers crossed we'll be viagra free from now on =)
We got the bus up to Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday and took a visit to the Low Yat Mall which was the most mind boggling shopping experience we've ever had. Over 5 floors of electrical items.. and all we knew was that we wanted a camera. In the end we settled on a very shiny silver number (you can tell how technical we both are) which came with a very exciting free tripod (We weren't sucked in at all!) and has screens on both sides which is very swish. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around various malls, most of the time searching for the exit.
On Thursday we overslept our alarm and dashed into the centre of town to join the growing queue for tickets up the Petronas Towers. Thankfully we weren't too late to get some, though we did enjoy over an hour of queueing - at least the air conditioning was good! We spent the rest of the morning at the National Museum which was very well done and high tech. As ever I dragged my feet through the clothes and pottery sections whilst Billy spent about 10 minutes examining each individual sword, but we made it out in the end. We had an Indian lunch in Chinatown and then took the 42 second 42 floor lift up to the viewing deck of the Petronas Towers. Unfortunately someone offered to take a photo of us at the top so we didn't get to use our nifty double screen feature (we couldnt let on how dissapointed we were!) In the evening we went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean in 3D, which Billy was very excited about. We wore our promo pirate bandanas and wonderful yellow goggles with pride despite attracting stares from other audience members.
On Friday we sent back a rather large package of clothes (too indecent for India) for only 10 pounds which we were rather pleased with. We spent the rest of the day uneventfully in a wonderful mixture of airport buses, airport lounges and airplanes.
Today we've been mainly shopping I'm afraid to report. We went back to our favourite Chatuchak Market and spent the majority of the day marvelling at the array of strange items on sale there (and purchasing a few!). Billy now has some very unrealistic (is that a word?) Ralph Lauren shirts and some very fetching baggy trousers while i bought a totally unsuitable, but very pretty, embroidered skirt. We also bought some lovely Thai pillows which we have very much enjoyed trying to fit into our backpacks this evening. They may be sent home very shortly.
Tomorrow we fly to Mumbai at 8.30am (Eek!) - wish us luck!
See you all soon,
Lots of love,
Rosie and Billy


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  2. They are obviously expecting some French people in their loos!


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