Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Railay - Ko Jum - Hat Yai - Penang (Malaysia!)

We left lovely Railay on Saturday and after a wonderful dash in our back packs through the torrential rain managed to catch a boat back to Krabi and then another out to Ko Jum.
We'd hoped Ko Jum would be a nice escape from the tourists, touts and noise that we'd found on Ko Tao and Ko Phi Phi. Unfortunately it turned out we were practically the only people on the island. There was no one else staying at our hotel, the other 5 or so hotels we found nearby were closed up, and at one point we were outnumbered by staff members at our hotel by a 3:1 ratio. Perhaps it was a bit too quiet.. Our room was pretty nice though and we enjoyed the fact you could take a bath and feel that you had actually gained dirt during the experience (the water was a lovely opaque brown colour) After 2 nights of ultimate peace and quiet we headed back to Krabity Krabity Krabbi again (too much peace and quiet truly did this to me) where we hoped we'd manage to catch the VIP bus straight to Penang, so escaping a night in the slightly dubious Hat Yai in southern Thailand.
We arrived with 20 minutes before said bus left and after only a small tiff (for us) made it to the travel agents. They told us we could have the last 2 seats, and a thrilled Billy set off to buy supplies. Unfortunately about 2 minutes later they got another call to say that the seats had been taken. Billy returned with 4 giant bags of crisps, 2 bags of nuts and and a packet of M&Ms (thank goodness he's going catered next year), to last us for the next 7 or 8 hours, and we decided to try to make it anyway using the government bus instead. As you may have guessed by the previous posts the journey to Hat Yai wasn't quite as speedy (or comfortable) as we'd hoped.. so we ended up there yesterday night. After a slightly larger tiff (to be fair i did slap him first..) over the direction of the only decent hotel in town we ended up checked into a wonderful 4 pound room.
This morning we woke up to find it was Billys Birthday. (Yay!) Billy was thrilled with his presents of insect repellent, deodorant, a can of nescafe (he does like those though!) and a couple of donuts (nice, practical presents i thought). Unfortunately ants had got to the donuts in the night, but its the thought that counts hey? After Billy had devoured a burger for breakfast we got the minivan to Penang. Billy was very disappointed that no one sung to him whilst we were passing through border control, which thankfully went without a hitch. We checked in to a very lovely homestay just north of Georgetown before going in search of a birthday cake. We managed to get a delicious looking chocolate cake, which actually didn't taste too bad either! We also got a free cake knife and candles which we thought was pretty good for 4 squid!
After sharing our cake with the rest of the house we set out for a birthday meal, at an amazingly posh (for us travellers) establishment with very yummy food. Billy went for the classic steak which he swears is the best he's ever had! (Thanks M&D!)
Think that's it for now. Pictures are still playing up. Will keep trying. There's a hilarious one of Billy looking.. actually there are many hilarious ones of Billy. Will post some soon =)
Lots of love,
Rosie and Billy

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